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Severe obesity in children and teens, defined as having a body mass index near the 99th percentile, is as serious as cancer or other childhood illnesses.
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For young people across the state, bullying has real consequences. Bullied teens are twice as likely to attempt or consider suicide, more likely to skip school, and more likely to earn lower grades.... Read more
Health, diseases, and risk factors can run in families. The goal of 10,000 Families is to understand how genetics, environmental exposures, and lifestyle habits contribute to health and disease. 
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The nutrition that mothers get during pregnancy could have lifelong effects on the health of their children. This is particularly true of brain development, especially as it relates to vitamin... Read more
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Anyone who has had a baby knows how stressful it can be to prepare for its arrival. But for parents who learn that their child will be born with a serious medical condition, the emotional and mental... Read more
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Dana Mowls Carroll, an epidemiologist and expert in commercial tobacco prevention and control and tobacco regulatory science, is a key member of the Masonic Cancer Center’s tobacco research program.

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