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Prizment Hero
More than half of all Minnesotans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes, and one out of four will die from it. Yet many clinics around the state lack the resources to conduct clinical... Read more
Electrode cap
The brain impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. But if it is compromised by disability or disease, activities we take for granted can become a struggle, leading to issues as serious as not... Read more
Food insecurity
In Minnesota, one in 10 households struggle with food insecurity, lacking the means to buy enough food for all members of the household.
Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly and Claudia Fox, members of the U’s pediatrics faculty and co-directors of the new Center for Pediatric Obesity Medicine, are passionate about helping young people fight obesity. With... Read more
Angela Mortari
One of the biggest obstacles to creating new cancer therapies is the time it takes to move them from lab to person.
10K Families
How do conditions during a mother’s pregnancy affect her child’s health throughout life? Between generations, do some families pass on more mutations than others?

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