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Emil Lou microscope
One patient who will always stick with Masonic Scholar Emil Lou, M.D., Ph.D., is a 51-year-old man he treated with a rare and incurable form of brain... Read more
Hiroshi Hiasa
Topoisomerase inhibitors, which can limit the activity of DNA-altering enzymes, are commonly used to treat a variety of cancers. But these drugs,... Read more
Dan Vallera
In his 40 years at the U, Dan Vallera, Ph.D., pharmacology faculty member and beneficiary of Masonic support, has made it his mission to develop... Read more
Craig Eckfeldt
Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is one of the most challenging forms of cancer to treat in adults. A major obstacle is that chemotherapy, the current... Read more
Julia Davydova
What do the common cold, sodium, and pigs have in common? If research led by Masons-funded faculty member Julia Davydova, M.D., Ph.D., is... Read more
Lung cancer is the leading cause of death in women, and the hormone estrogen has been shown to play a role in the growth of lung tumors. With... Read more
Christopher Pennell
Christopher Pennell, Ph.D., part of the U’s laboratory medicine and pathology faculty, is trying to train the body’s natural defense system to attack... Read more
Erin Dickerson
Erin Dickerson, Ph.D., recipient of Masonic pilot support and member of the U’s veterinary clinical sciences faculty, is driven to end the... Read more
Susanti Hui
Former Masonic Scholar Susanta Hui, Ph.D., has successfully created an international network of clinical centers focused on improving the delivery of... Read more
Jaime Modiano
During his career, Jaime Modiano, V.M.D., M.D., director of the University’s Animal Cancer Care and Research Program, has found striking similarities... Read more