At University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital, innovative research that leads to groundbreaking cures is the rule, not the exception. Support from Minnesota Masonic Charities helps move promising research from lab to clinic, transforming care for kids. 

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Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly and Claudia Fox, members of the U’s pediatrics faculty and co-directors of the new Center for Pediatric Obesity Medicine, are passionate... Read more
Food insecurity
In Minnesota, one in 10 households struggle with food insecurity, lacking the means to buy enough food for all members of the household.
Electrode cap
The brain impacts nearly every aspect of our lives. But if it is compromised by disability or disease, activities we take for granted can become a... Read more
Children who survive cancer are at risk for many serious health conditions as they age, one of the most significant being secondary cancers, which... Read more
Craig Bierle
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) causes more disabilities than any other infectious disease in children and is the number one cause of deafness in young people... Read more