Faith-based messages that promote cancer screening

With Masonic support, U researcher Rebekah Pratt and local imam Sharif Mohamed addressed significant faith-based barriers to breast and cervical cancer screening by developing health promotion messages based on Islamic principles.

Faith-based topic Key messages
Predestination (or fate)
  • Screening does not bypass predestination.
  • Seeking good health is consistent with faith.
  • Treatment is also predestined and is there to be taken.
  • Screening is an opportunity to be taken.
The role of modesty
  • Modesty of the heart is as important as modesty of the body.
  • It is preferred to see a doctor of the same gender.
  • It is acceptable to see a doctor of the opposite gender.
  • It is more important to seek a doctor who has knowledge and confidence in the health at hand than a doctor of the same gender.
  • In an emergency situation, it is important to first consider how to protect life. The concept of modesty remains but is secondary to protection of life.
Cancer screening and treatment
  • Prevention of disease is a faithful and religious thing to do.
  • Religion encourages care of the body along with the mind.
  • Prevention is better than cure.
  • Allah has entrusted you to care well for your life and body.
  • We must encourage all Muslims to care for their health.


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