Making patients and families smile

Terry BeckNothing brings more joy to Terry Beck than making patients and their family members smile and laugh.

He drives University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital patients to and from their scheduled appointments. And while the job can sometimes be challenging, he often turns to whistling or singing to help take their minds off of the pain or anxiety they might be feeling.

He was nominated for his friendliness and knack for building strong bonds, and says, “it’s overpowering and humbling to be recognized for something that I do and love so much.” His nominator writes:

“Terry was the reason I got my son in the car. The five to ten minutes we spent with him each week quickly built a lasting friendship. Words do not seem adequate in describing what Terry’s presence brought to my son’s occupational therapy (OT) experience. Now that he has graduated from OT, we return solely to say hello to Mr. Terry.”


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