A playful and positive force

AreauxRaymond Areaux Jr., M.D., is a pediatric ophthalmologist who sees patients at University of Minnesota Health clinics around the Twin Cities.

Areaux combines clinical practice and research expertise to provide state-of-the-art medical and surgical treatments for all pediatric eye diseases. But beyond that, he says the most important part of his job is serving as an advocate, educator, and friend to his patients and their families.

One of Areaux’s secret weapons for keeping his patients happy is his performing arts background.

“Before becoming a physician, I performed in musical and improv theater, and those skills translate daily to my clinical practice as I work to keep children happy and entertained throughout a challenging examination,” he says. “Their impression of me as a playful and positive force in their lives is very important because pediatric eye diseases often require many years of treatment and follow up. I get to know my patients and their families quite well.”

Areaux was recognized with the Masonic Mission Award for his commitment to building meaningful long-term relationships with patients and their families. His nominator writes:

“Dr. Areaux has been there through every setback and every success. He educates us on our son’s eye conditions in a personable manner. He also goes above and beyond to spend time with our son at each appointment. He always starts an exam off with a high five and a ‘hey, buddy!’ In a sense, he's now a part of our family.”


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