Masonic Cancer Clinic

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Through a generous gift of $10 million, the Minnesota Masons established the Masonic Cancer Clinic at the University’s Clinics and Surgery Center.

The Masonic Cancer Clinic’s location in the Clinics and Surgery Center has resulted in an all-around better patient experience, offering everything from increased access to the latest treatments, technologies, and clinical trials to bright new patient rooms and the Dietz Family Resource Center.

Ed Greeno

“The Minnesota Masons and Stars have been true leaders in helping us deliver innovative and compassionate cancer care. This legacy began more than 60 years ago when they raised funds to build the Masonic Memorial Hospital and continues today at our state-of-the-art and patient-centered Masonic Cancer Clinic supported through their Partners for Life campaign.”

—Edward Greeno, M.D., medical director, M Health Cancer Care


Masonic Cancer Clinic2019 highlights:

  • Nearly 35,000 clinic visits, including nearly 5,300 new patients
  • Nearly 17,000 infusion visits
  • More than 1,150 volunteer hours dedicated to the clinic

Dietz Family Resource Center

Dietz Sidebar

The Dietz Family Resource Center, named in honor of Chuck and Dottie Dietz and located inside the Masonic Cancer Clinic, provides cancer patients and their families with access to a wide range of information about cancer, from prevention to diagnosis and treatment.

The resource center also offers patients iPad access to a full list of cancer-related clinical trials.

Chuck Dietz led the Masons’ Partners for Life campaign, raising $10 million to build and equip the state-of-the-art Masonic Cancer Clinic.

“Masonic Cancer Clinic and Masonic Cancer Center have been a part of my family's philanthropy for 60 years. I am proud of the impact we have had on the fight against cancer and equally proud of the lifesaving work of University of Minnesota physicians, researchers, and staff.” 
—Chuck Dietz